On this website you will find tracklistings of the BBC Essential Mixes. It is an effort to catalogue all tracklistings but also, through validation, offer some statistics on the artists and labels involved.
All mixes from unique artists are listed as a single mix. For example, an Essential Mix on one date, with two separate mixing dj's, are listed as two separate mixes.


You'll notice that some of the artists and labels are clickable and others are not. Originally, the tracklistings come from various sources on the web. Validated entries become clickable. Labels and artists are validated against Musicbrainz entries and tracks against Last.FM.
Not all artists and labels are validated. Sometimes entries simply cannot be found, because there is no Musicbrainz entry, or because the entry contains a typing/spelling error. Other times, Musicbrainz returns ambigious results which have to be double checked to be sure. In order to provide much validation quickly, validation of these entries is postponed.
Validation of tracks is even more problematic and should ideally be done in comparison with the actual audio data.


Streamable content is also available for some mixes and tracks. Mix streams are provided by SoundCloud. These are inserted manually by the admin. Tracks streams are provided by YouTube and can be searched by users. The users' ip is logged for each search.


In no particular order:

  • More years will follow.
  • Add event info to mix (eg. Live at Glastonbury).
  • Show mix genre information based on artist Last.FM user tags.
  • User vote on validation?
  • More track validation.
  • Automatic playlist generation on Last.FM for validated EM's